About Us

The aftermarket exhaust industry is a very competitive business in South Africa. With a wide variety of fitment centres across our country, deciding which centre to choose depends heavily on each customer’s individual need.

At Cheetah Exhaust, we specialize in custom build and high performance free flow exhaust systems. The capacity to manufacture our own silencers, Branch manifolds and accessories has given us the edge over development and improvement.

Experience is the key to progression in this field, and competence the standard for achieving success. We have been manufacturing exhaust for the past 21 years and our specialised services are accomplished by a skilled staff, each experienced in their individual field.

Mass production has never been our aim, for we believe individual care needs to be taken to accomplish maximum quality and performance at an affordable prices.

We still employ traditional methods of manufacturing, which in its own right increases the effectiveness of our product, due to the fact that each part we manufacture, enjoys personal and dedicated attention. For this reason we are able to manufacture a wide range of standard, free flow, custom-build, diesel and specialised silencers, accessories and many other products.

If you are looking for the individual attention you deserve, you have come to the right place.